Will you shrink my Carpet?

The majority of carpets will not shrink, those that can, will only do so if overwet. Our years of experience and training have taught us which carpets to be careful with and our powerful Van mounted machine never overwets a carpet.

How long will my Carpet take to dry?

Whilist synthetic pile carpets can be dry within an hour, Wool rich carpets can take longer due to their absorbency generally 3 to 4 hours. This is due to our Van mounted machine's powerful suction removing as much moisture as possible.

Will my Carpet re-soil quicker after it has been cleaned?

Unprofessional cleaners may leave cleaning solution residue in your Carpet which will attract and hold on to dirt. We will always rinse out any cleaning solution leaving your carpet clean, soft and fluffy.

Should I only Clean my Carpet when it looks dirty?

Your Carpet works like a filter in your home and absorbs much of the soil and polluants from the indoor air and traffic. This needs to be cleaned out for two reasons, firstly the soiling will sit at the bottom of your carpets pile and act like sandpaper wearing down the fibres. And secondly cleaning your carpet will improve the indoor air quality in your home, especailly important if you suffer from allergies or breathing problems.