Thorough Cleaning

We guarantee you will receive the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen, if not you get your money back or a free reclean!

Wallet Friendly

It won’t cost you a fortune either, not only are we competitive, we don’t use your electricity or water supply, we bring our own!

Environmentally Responsible

At Fybertec we are conscious about the environment, and use only the friendliest of methods saving water and electricity with minimal emissions.

  • “I felt compelled to write to say how delighted I am at the truly astonishing transformation in my carpets. I was considering having to buy new, because the existing ones were so shabby. However, after you cleaned them they look brand new! Considering they are 15 years old this is amazing. Thank you once again - I reckon you have just saved me £2500.”

    Julie Dubberly
  • “I was diagnosed a sufferer of chronic Asthma. I was coughing persistently, and using my inhaler frequently. My voice rasped and I found it it great strain to talk at length. This made my work as a lecturer more and more difficult to continue. When Fybertec recommended the Promite dust-mite eradication carpet and upholstery cleaning system I accepted. They cleaned the whole house through. I was now living in a dust-mite free environment. From that day on my symptoms improved. After six months I felt a significant change. After a year my Asthma had vanished! No more cough, no more cracked voice, no more ventilator. I can now speak clearly as a bell. I'm very grateful to Fybertec for providing a service that has improved my condition so much!”

    Mrs Bowen, Llanfairfechan
  • “Really thorough cleaning. We were relieved when we saw the job that Jamie did on our couch, as we would have had to buy a new couch if he hadnt have got it so clean!”

    Kevin Smith, Bethel
  • “Very good company. Two very honest gentlemen, a real pleasure to have in ones home. Clean carpets. Today I sit and just look thinking how beautifully clean they are. Thank you Jamie ”

    Mrs Bird, Cerrigman
  • “Its like a new carpet! I'll recommend you to anybody. They can call us and we'll tell them we like Fybertec.”

    Mr and Mrs Williams, Cemaes Bay